With the second lockdown in place we’ve rescheduled all of our November events. Two have moved wholesale across to new March dates, whilst a third has been split into two and will be built up further with more support acts! Fantastic stuff!

For the two gigs that were moved wholesale, the tickets remain valid. Refunds are available for anybody who cannot make the new date, providing that the tickets were purchased before 01/01/2021. If further tickets become available and are purchased after this date they will be subject to our normal refund process on a case by case basis.

Refunds have already been issued for the gig that has been divided and we’re absolutely stoked to say about 90% of those were then repurchased for the new relevant dates inside two days! There’s commitment to live local music, right there!

We’re in close conversation with both Holy Smokes! and Psychic Dancehall and will be bringing back the DJ nights also. At this stage, it seems sensible all round to see when restrictions are lifted and will either start these in February, March or April, depending! Very much looking forward to these again!

So, without further ado, this is how March 2021 now looks!

March 6th 2021: Matt Peach plus support to be announced.

March 13th 2021: The Howling Tides, Philharmonics, Dred Roberts, The Hungry Freaks, Mandibles.

March 20th 2021: Scribble Victory, The Fine Art Society, Ben Mark Smith, Callum Kerrigan, Inside Information.

March 27th 2021: Floodhounds, Cucamaras plus support.