One Zero Presents…

Established at the very end of 2018, One Zero Presents was put together as one of the two in-house promoters for Dubrek Studios, alongside the already existing promoter Outta Mind Presents.

With the Director of Dubrek Studios focussing on recording and an Arts Council funding bid, the intention was for both promoters to book two gigs a month with different intentions and focus. Add in the private hire functions at the studio, and it made for a very busy 2019 for all.

One Zero Presents‘s brief to begin with was to ‘book what we don’t book’ and ‘attract new audiences’ which we managed to do all year round. Gigs have ranged from aggressive metal bands to laid back intimate folk sessions.

Richard McKerron is the man behind One Zero Presents and also works at Dubrek Studios recording voiceover clients for tv, meditational recordings and audio books. He also records acoustic sessions as well as full band set ups. Quite often he can be found doing live sound for a majority of the Dubrek gigs, or running around the bar. He’s the on-site host for Rock School exams, and underneath all that he also assists Jay Dean with the admin aspects of the studios. Pre-Covid he ran 3D – Derby Djembe Drummers which is currently on hiatus, but occasionally runs day workshops for various schools and events.

Richard also makes art under the guise of Outsider Art Prints and his work has featured on promotional posters of four One Zero Presents gigs, as well as the Hindsight exhibition in October 2019. Previous to this, Richard spent a year focussing on gig photography as RMCK Photography.

What have you done lately, though?

2019 saw One Zero Presents

  • Plan and execute and run 19 gigs for Dubrek Studios
  • Do live sound for many Outta Mind Presents gigs
  • Book the Sunday Acoustic session, and run live sound for Aunty Austerity Feeds The Hungry at Dubrek Studios
  • Co-host three DJ nights that were organised by Bloop/Psychic Dancehall
  • Book and curate two large Art Exhibitions at Dubrek Studios

2020 had all the intentions to flow straight on from this, including branching out slightly by assisting Fusion# on 10th January 2020 at Rough Trade.

After that we put on three two-piece post rock bands on one bill, and then branched out with an gig that was an experimental fusion of Jazz, dirty Blues Rock, poetry and improvisation by a select group of talented individuals.

We also started to host Jam Sessions with Dorothy Ella in the café and then lockdown kicked in.

This left us with a quandry… so after two months of kicking back and watching the world go by, we began updating and renovating the studio which included new sound and lighting for indoor gigs upstairs (when we can do so confidently and safely) as well as putting in new paving, a new stage and new seating and lighting outside in the studio beer garden, along with a massive second gazebo!

From there, One Zero Presents ran two summers-worth of events outside, with seating and table service all adhering to the restrictions.

At the end of 2021, Dubrek Studios at Becket Street came to an end and we moved to a new premises at 67 Bridge Street, Derby. January to April we renovated the new studio and venue on a level much bigger than our previous gigs. Whilst One Zero Presents has put on fewer gigs across 2022 (thanks to tons of other promoters wanting to book gigs at the venue, including Krista’s monthly Open Mic night, which is absolutely fantastic) it has meant that we can focus on booking some of our favourites. We’re looking forward to more fun moving into 2023!