There are various ways to contact One Zero Presents, although by far the preferred method is to email

Submit your band;

Interested in playing on a One Zero Presents line up? We curate gig nights fairly specifically, but are always open to submissions – if your music is in line with what we’re looking for at the time then it could well lead to a booking. Worst case scenario is we get to listen to some new music and know more about the scenes locally and beyond!

In your email include;

  • Honesty.
  • A description of your band and music.
  • Area that you’re based.
  • Links to audio and/or video. Spotify, BandCamp and YouTube are preferred.
  • EPK if you have such a thing (fear not if you don’t!)
  • Links to your social media. Facebook, Instagram preferred. Everything else is a bonus.

Submit your artwork;

We have a hand in booking the Art Exhibitions in the Dubrek Cafe. If you’re looking for a place to showcase your work for a month, want to hold a launch or event, or are part of a collective who would like to install a themed series, then get in touch! We’re all ears! We have a variety of solutions in mind including Prosecco receptions and so forth at very affordable rates which would include promotion by both One Zero Presents and Dubrek Studios.

  • Send us a brief Bio.
  • Send us pictures of your work and details of the collection/concept.
  • Start a dialogue with us so that we can best assist in coming up with the ideal solution for you.
  • Be prepared to hang your work and promote the event!

Want to contribute to the site?

And why not? We’d love to develop that side of the site. Added bonus is that we wouldn’t expect a certain output rate and such. A local release that you fancy reviewing? A local gig (even a One Zero Presents gig) that you fancy writing up? An event? An interview? Let’s do it. If it’s relevant or local, let’s do it!

  • Get in touch.
  • Tell us your idea.
  • Start a dialogue.
  • Have confidence.

Collaboration idea?

Get in touch. We’re all ears! We’re open to working with other parties, locations, etc. Always worth an excuse for a coffee and a chat!

Something else?

Get. In. Touch. If it’s viable, we can see where it leads us!