Jacob Stevenson-Adcock released his new solo album ‘The Mundane‘ on the 10th October 2020, after a six-year gap (bear in mind that he’s been pretty busy with other bands including Vikasati in that time) and it’s an absolute majesty.

Jacob Stevenson-Adcock – The Mundane

The collection opens dark and strong with pounding reverb-drenched kick samples, ambience and harpsichord-esque ostinati before dropping you gently down into understated vocals layered up and harmonised subtly. It has hints of ‘13’ era Blur, Alex James, 90s Bristol, post-OK Computer Radiohead and other elements as it steadily brutes itself forward with idle threats such as ‘I am going to lose my patience one of these days’ delivered with the same conviction as somebody who you never expect to snap, but don’t want to be around when they do.

The album carries on with mixtures of beats, ambience, poignant lyrics, musical interludes, lo-fi/crushed samples and his signature keyboard melodic skills that have made Vikasati such a success. ‘Your colour‘ makes excellent use of straight forward filtering to give distance and depth as well as big fat bass sounds that wobble your speakers in a very satisfactory manner.

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