How lucky are we! Not one, but TWO of our local superstars are releasing new albums and are doing a joint album launch event! And they’re such lovely peeps that it’s going to be free entry! ZOMG!

Doors will be 7pm as normal, along with hot food available from Kel’s Kitchen throughout the whole night! Storming!


Umbilica is the songs and poetry of Josephine Lewis (also of She Speaks UK), whose work has been described as haunting and vulnerable, “but with a particular grit and determination.” Creating space for both solo and collaborative performance has been essential to the Derby-based Umbilica project, whose recent collaborators include members of Grawlix, Spindrift, The Park Bench and the Rainband. The resulting sound draws folk, alt rock, jazz and blues influences into a cohesive whole with songcraft at its root.

This songcraft is evident on debut album Where The Land Meets The Ocean, “a gathering together of threads; drawing songs into the firelight that have stories in them. Stories of love and connection, of grief, the surreal nature of travel, and of being in love with the ocean.”

If beauty permeates the album, so does a small sense of unrest; there’s an evocation of the perpetual traveller, unable or unwilling to settle. The twelve songs are strikingly diverse; guitars, keys, drums and cello are arranged to tender effect and accompany a vocal that comes not so much from the heart as from the gut.

“The songs are seamless and masterful… with shades of Joni Mitchell’s jazz days in the melodies [and] immaculate guitar playing” – Storge

“Rad feminist songwriter making cool shit” – Olivia Awbrey

“Interesting” – a polite sound engineer


((M a r i a))

((MARIA)) is the poptastic, non-binary über-id of UK ambient musician Grawlix. Swerve diving betwixt a plethora of eclectic electronics, her DIY live shows create an AV extravaganza of late capitalist euphoria (but more fun than that sounds!).

September 21st will see the release of her first album ‘Lepidoptera’ which draws from a diverse range of electronic influences to create a building narrative of loss becoming overwhelmed by self-discovery and finding yourself.

((MARIA)) hopes you enjoy it.


The cream of Derby’s magical wordcraft massive will take the stage in support, including:


Rage poems, fun poems, feminist poems, queer poems, sad poems, breathtakingly beautiful poems, brace y’selves for this lush radical word splat!

Dubrek Studios and Café is a recording studio and rehearsal rooms. The upstairs live room has a capacity of 50, so the night will be strictly first come, first served!

The kitchen will be running and serving hot food all night for a fiver per meal! Make a real night of it and come and grab some grab AND secure your place early!