Modern Hard Rock with nods to Blues Rock is the order of business on the 27th September at Dubrek Studios. Is there any other type of music that can fire you up and ease you back like this does?

The Howling Tides

The Howling Tides are a Hard Rock band driven by the camaraderie of long friendship. Taking influence from various Rock legends through the years, the band strike out with their own refreshing original sound.

With two EPs already out there for public consumption, and various positive reviews and airplay, the group have found themselves on a variety of bills in direct support of the likes of The Dead Daisies, Crazy Town, RavenEye and Bad Touch to name a few.

An unrelenting desire to deliver formidable shows, we can’t wait to see what they give us in our live room!

Praise for The Howling Tides;

Fireworks Magazine: “Choruses that stick to you like super-charged cellophane” “A tour de force show” “This band has got it… as long as they keep to their beliefs when they do release an album, it will be an absolute killer”

PowerPlay Magazine: “Powerful, potent song writing… Something tells me we’ll be seeing a lot more of The Howling Tides

Maximum Volume Music: “Recently I’ve reviewed a few of the new breed of British Rock. Allow me to humbly suggest this mob might be the best of the lot”

Damon Johnson (Black Star Riders): “You boys kicked so much ass, and with real songs and intent. Much impressed. Onward!”

Oli Brown (RavenEye): “You’ve been one of my fav bands I’ve seen since watching live music”


Supersonic Death Monkey

A Hard Rock three piece from this neck of the woods, Supersonic Death Monkey have been around for a couple of years now, impressing with their debut EP with pounding rhythms and Megadeth hinted riffery, then following up with the excellent, and grubbily down tuned, Simian Rampage EP.

Regularly gigging from Sheffield to London and places in between, this is an excellent chance to get up close and messy with the Monkey.


Eddie & The Wolves

Ed Saffell, local mover and shaker, defiantly commands his Wolves in this focussed Rock/Blues trio, which recommend that you hold on to your beers for their performances! We’re inclined to agree, as it means less clean up afterwards, but if the need to rock out grabs you it would be poor etiquette not to go with the flow and start the night off with the highest of bars.

Eddie has supported the likes of Reef and Razorlight in the past, and no doubt at all will kick the night off with a bang.

Praise for Eddie & the Wolves

Eddie & The Wolves are an amazing trio with well written pop-rock songs along with great musicianship!” – Adam Slack, The Struts.


Dubrek Café and Dubrek Studios

Dubrek Studios has a relaxed outside seating area at the rear of the building, a well-stocked bar serving until 11pm that includes vegan ales, wine, beer, shorts, various teas, decent coffees, chai latté and snacks, as well as our café kitchen which serves filling, hot vegetarian, vegan and bacon food all night from 7pm, so you can grab a bite before, or during the show!