Craig Gould – Ain’t No Place To Hide

Craig Gould is planning to release his debut album in 2022. September 15th marks the release of his first single from that endeavour in the form of Ain’t No Place To Hide, a wonderfully full and rhythmic track, underpinned by the steady locomotive chug of Americana inspired Modern Folk.

It swiftly sets the train station scene and feel to the track with minimal percussion, guitar and vocal before pulling the rug with a shocking event context and launching you into the first take of the chorus which is suddenly filled with piano, backing choir, bass, guitar, the works, before breaking down again for the next verse.

Lyrically the track tackles key things to think about and consider in short couplets, tastefully accompanied by increasing virtuoso on a variety of instruments including the piano of Anna Corcoran (AMAUK Instrumentalist of the Year 2020) as well as input from Chris Baldwin and Adriana Spinner.

Having heard this song performed in a stripped-down, acoustic setting when he played for us a few weeks back, it’s a pleasure to hear the full band version recorded for the album, which takes takes it to a completely different level. It’s great to hear his guitar work and his unbelievably powerful voice, which is full of honesty and character, present on the recording with just as much transparency and clarity.

Craig Gould – Live at Dubrek Studios

It’s important to note that one of the driving forces behind Craig’s work is his links with CALM – The Campaign Against Living Miserably. All the profits from the release will be donated to this charity.

The debut album of the same name, slated for a Spring 2022 release, will be part of Craig’s groundbreaking musical project which aims to inspire considered and compassionate understanding around mental health illness in the UK.

You’ll be able to find Ain’t No Place To Hide on various streaming sites.

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