Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear meeee, Happy Birthday to me!

This gig was one of the many rescheduled gigs from November last year (re-rescheduled to March, then June) and was put together with an eclectic line-up to indulgently mark my being on the planet 15,000 days. As a coincidence the reschedule coincided with the month that Dubrek Studios turned 20! Happy Birthday!

Mandibles opened with an absolutely captivating set of breakbeats and industrial crashes with reverb laden vocals in a solid set linked together with interstitial work. Blinding stuff that we definitely need more of!

Feritt gracefully stepped in to replace Dred Roberts with a few days noticed and delivered a suitable acerbic, edgy content that we know and love him for!

We welcomed the return of Philharmonics to the stage, having previously hosted them upstairs a couple of years ago, their mellow indie-pop-rock style is flawless (plus they’re some of the nicest people on the planet!).

Finally, regular faces around the studio, The Howling Tides stripped down their full on electric set up to small combi amps, stools and a cahon to give us a fantastically unique performance of their music, including a first live outing of a new song. Clearly in their element.