Last night’s gig was absolutely wonderful. A naturally positive atmosphere with tons of new faces to the studio’s Beer Garden, and returning friends who have been stunned by what we’ve done out there to allow live music to continue. We’re very fortunate to have the space available and are very pleased with how the addition of the second Gazebo has put any weather concerns well to one side.

Thanks to Charity Stow and Jay Naylor for their wonderful opening set, George Gadd and Kieran Grant for a perfect mix of emotion, cringe and no harmonica, and also the gents in No Setting Sun. Their music translates fantastically across to an acoustic setting and retains the energy and fun of their sound – hopefully more rock bands will follow suit whilst live music is restricted as it’s a really great way for musicians to re-explore their own songs and bring them to life in entirely different ways.

Enjoy the photos, and be sure to check out each band and One Zero Presents on Facebook/Instagram as there’s pictures and streams of each here and there.