The Weasel Kickers, Dr Bastard’s Singing Club (with added Dred) and Feritt descend en masse to Dubrek Studios Beer Garden to entertain whatever poor souls find themselves sat in their presence.

Doors open at 5 pm, music from 6 pm to 9 pm and then free entry Pubrec from 9 pm to 11 pm.

“The incredible delicate sound of the forest mixed with a unique blend of herbs and bric-a-brac that precipitate a melodic thirst-quenching mock pop fluid.” These are the sorts of lies that we have all grown to expect from The Weasel Kickers.

Rusty, Andy, Chris and Jason are music lovers that enjoy nothing more than ripping the bottom out of the musical trousers and having a chuckle. Their unbridled wit and satire make George Bernard Shaw look like Joey Essex. They make Joey Essex look like ..well let’s play nice… Oh, be careful … they swear occasionally.

Dr Bastard (Chris Pallett) is the guitarist in Thrash Ska Punk band Luddite Bastard. Recently Chris has decided to release his own blend of folk, reggae, ska and gangsta rap onto the work, he hopes you enjoy it. Over lockdown Dr Bastard has performed songs wearing just his guitar. They’re still up on his page. Not for the faint-hearted.

Joining him will be long term co-conspirator in Luddite Bastard, vocalist Dred Roberts. We encourage you to not sing along because Boris says no. Please club in household groups. Table service is available.

Feritt needs very little introduction. It’s Feritt. Just Feritt. Not Feritt and his Strat. Not Feritt, Just Feritt. Feritt. Previously we described his work as ‘painful observations by the clinically Welsh, in song form’ and this is still true. Only given 2020 it may prove less painful. It’s still very much 18+, but given what he’s opening for on this bill it might even be rated a 15 nowadays. Who knows.

The Weasel Kickers:

Dr Bastard’s Singing Club:

Weather: 15 tickets will be made available in advance. If the weather on the day makes the event impossible to hold outside, then it will take place upstairs in the studio live room for these ticket holders only. If held outside then an additional 15 tickets will be available on the door at £6.

Advance ticket sales will cease just after 11 pm on the 25th September. Tickets available here.