Emzae, one of our favourite local artists, is releasing a new single tomorrow on the 7th February, and we were lucky enough to hear it ahead of release.

The track immediate grabs your attention with driven, dirty drums in a steady loop that borders on crunchy lo-fi, whilst she kicks in vocally with the opening line of ‘Calm down and wait another minute before you say things that you don’t mean,’ setting the content of the scene perfectly. And just as well that it does, as the song folds at a very to-the-point two minutes, which would put much of the 1950’s pop output to shame for brevity.

Lyrically the song is her ‘Wannabe‘ in that it’s based around the concept of it better to remain single than to dither about with time-wasters, among other things.

Stylistically, this track is nicely representative of her live performances, but with a very welcome increase in tempo which will bring some more urgency to her sets, especially in conjunction with the full backing band plans that she is currently working on and it is easy to hear where each additional musician would fit in. Melody, harmony and spoken word sections give nods other female artists such as Tulisa and Sarah Blackwood of Dubstar in their clear, but polished, delivery.

It’s difficult not to listen to this track on repeat as there isn’t enough there for it to become over-familiar in one sitting, so be sure to check it out.

You can find Emzae;