Last year, Witches Mark had their album launch over at The Chameleon in Nottingham. A fantastic night all round, but one particular highlight was spoken work artist Milla Tebbs and the final poem of her set. It segued perfectly into the start of Witches Mark‘s opening track with some loose improvisation to underpin her work.

That started sparks in our head, so now One Zero Presents brings you a one-off amazing night of Improv-eyes at Dubrek Studios!

Two amazing bands (Witches Mark and Vikasati) with very different feels will be leading proceedings, with some guest instrumentalists (Chris Tree, Richard Lamell) playing alongside them during their sets, complete with stunning poetry (Milla Tebbs, Dan Webber) to complement and direct the night.


Witches Mark – Absolutely raw two-piece of drums and blues guitar, this pair fire out visceral grunge-tinged vocals over performance-art level expressive guitar. This base expression will no doubt give way to some awesome audio jousting and supportive soundscapes for the guest artists.

Check out their debut album on Spotify!


Vikasati – Wonderfully prolific and with a talented skill set that sounds as if its what melted caramel would be if it were a sound, this chill-jazz pair create gorgeously groovy, but wonderfully calm piano and percussion pieces that make you want to give up music and worship at the altar of Jacob-Ant!


Milla Tebbs – Milla is an amazing observational poet from Nottingham. There’s no overstatement or over-reliance of set technique in her work, with her delivery so perfectly metered to draw you in that you get sucker-punched by humour when you expect needle depth, and pausing for thought at the most simple of ideas that you missed day to day.

Milla has a book out at present, although there are few copies left of the first run, so be quick!


Dan Webber – Dan is probably best not described as a professional emergent pomedian but it’s nearer than most descriptions. Dan has a fantastic one-man show running at present entitled ‘Genre Fluid’ and is full of insight and life lessons on how his work doesn’t quite fit perfectly into other people’s boxes of comedy or poetry, but we can thoroughly encourage you to check him out and see for yourself why it’s amazing.

In the meantime, along with Milla Mumbles, Dan will be our second star poet to be adding their words to the night’s mix.


Chris Tree – Chris is a broad creative who can turn his mind to many skills from furniture to instrument and cab construction. There are no doubt many other talents that he has, but one in particular that is truly outstanding is his violent guitar abuse. In his previous band, Crimewolf, his signature sound and string marring riffs stood out immediately in each track, undeniable as to who had played them. He’ll be bringing this skill to the table for this evening. Be prepared.


Richard Lamell – Richard’s love of music is a pinnacle of calm enthusiasm. Previously he has held an art exhibition of his extensive collection of gig posters at Dubrek Studios which in no small part shows the depth of his knowledge. Richard plays bass in The Ruins, a local punk rock band with tinges of eighties new wave and goth in places. He’s looking forward to adding some bottom end to the night’s proceedings, especially considering that he’s the only bassist on the entire bill!


Tickets are £5 in advance and £8 on the night, and an advance ticket will get you a pound off of food from Kel’s Kitchen!

Advance ticket sales will close just after 11 pm on 27th February.

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