Moosegrinder Art is the illustration and nonsense of Steve Robinson, a cartoon artist with a strong background in modern gaming culture. With an obsession and appreciation of all things awesome from Hot Wheels to Nintendo, Moosegrinder‘s artwork boggles back and forth between the mildly twisted cuteness of a toothy Kirby to apoplectic political vitriol aimed at certain key figures in the British and American scene. The frustration comes out in spades.

There are two things that he excels at. Firstly, each image collection that he puts up is stylistically consistent across the board. From the political figures to the Super Smash Brothers collection right across to the Zombie Disney set and the recent line of varied skull illustrations. Bright colours, sensible colour mapping originality throughout.

Secondly, Moosegrinder‘s honesty and openness are apparent in their facebook posts. Often posting ‘Work In Progress’ images and lamenting their own despair at the state of it gives a genuine insight into the ongoing creative process involved. They have a tendency towards following an elongated process of sketch, scan, neaten, print, repeat until the piece is completed and the results are always worth the wait.

Moosegrinder‘s artwork can be found in a variety of places, so you’ll have to have a search through all the locations to find what you’re after. If you like a particular image, but it’s not available in the format you want, then get in touch directly via their Facebook page for a chat.

Moosegrinder Art can be found;

All artwork present in this post is (c) Moosegrinder Art and used with very kind permission. Contact them here for further information, as using their images without permission is just plain naughty!