Bunkerpop Debut Album Launch, with support from Honey Ride Me A Goat and Yellow6.

There’s a lot of good music over in Hull and we’ve had our eye on Bunkerpop for a while now. We’re absolutely stoked to be hosting them for their debut album launch on 7th June at Dubrek Studios. In support are Honey Ride me a Goat all the way from Kent and opening the night will be Yellow6.


Electronic, Krautrock, Lo-Fi, Afro, Punk, Groove, Dance – Bunkerpop are for fans of Primal Scream-like groove with some extra twists and turns plumbed firmly in.

Bunkerpop deliver an experimental mash of energy and titivating instrumental & electronic sound with pronouncements. Hailing from Hull, City of Culture, they take their broad influences from such groups as Neu, Holy Fuck and Talking Heads.

Bunkerpop live combines these musical charms with the excitement and visual stimuli of a Billy Graham, PFunk or Flaming Lips concert. Cult like worship is encouraged. Bunkerpop are the peoples band…..come join them.

Bunkerpop were born in 2016 from former members of lo-fi heroes Fonda 500, Baby Mammoth (Pork Records) Peter Hook produced Nyam, Nyam and current members of The Schoolgirls and Fire UTF.

Bunkerpop‘s debut album is out on 7th June. The soundtrack to the summer.

Honey Ride Me A Goat

If you’re going to get a band from Hull to headline then it makes perfect sense to one up the journey reach and get a band from Kent up to support!

Honey Ride Me A Goat are a band that will keep you captivated throughout the entire set. Free-Jazz-Math-Prog (all confirmed and denied depending on which EP review you choose to read) they’re precise and erratic, planned and open. Calm and bonkers. True tributes to the dichotomies of music.

Selected contrary praise;

“Their music is an unholy melding of the scratchy, post-punk shards of guitar scrapes from D. Boon and Arto Lindsay, the disjointed rhythms of Beefheart, the psychedelic jazz-wail of Joe Baiza and James Ulmer and sheets of sound not heard since Rudolph Grey was releasing his wares. HRMAG capture “that” sound and throttle it sideways: songs veer left and right, flow from jazz-like jams to claustrophobic, repetitive, airtight rhythms in a heartbeat; some songs fall apart, others never stray from an ass-tight compositional sound. It’s not “math-rock” and it’s not free-jazz” FORCED EXPOSURE

“Dizzying collision between old school SST style free jazz weirdness, stop on a dime NoMeansNo style mathiness, the tangled riffy jangle of nineties college rock, and super spazzy sonic tangles a la everything Mick Barr, and you’d probably be close to capturing the head spinning sonic weirdness these guys traffic in…leaping dexterously from mesmerizing Necks-like avant jazz drone creep, to spastic math grind freakouts, to churning carnivalesque genre leapfrogging grooves, to blown out free jazz / avant grind, to sounds even more abstract and difficult to describe” AQUARIUS RECORDS



Lunar Cycle B have unfortunately withdrawn from the line up, but by wonderful fortuitous circumstance we have managed to acquire Yellow6 to take their place! Yellow6 is a one-man project, creating wonderful ambient soundscapes and melodies with an enviable array of pedals. Absolutely stoked to finally book this act, and an excellent way to kick off the night’s proceedings!


Talking of which – The Dubrek Cafe will be open from 7pm and serves delicious Vegan, Veggie, Gluten Free and Bacon-y food, as well as a large selection of Tea, Coffee, Ales and other alcamahols (also including some Vegan and Veggie ales when in stock) so come down early and get your grub on!