It was great to finish our run of gigs at Dubrek Studios Becket Street residence with blistering metal. A fantastic crowd and three of the nicest bands around that give 100% into their sets! Many thanks to Siderian, Syncolima, and Reavrr and the wonderful supportive statements each of them had in their sets, showing their appreciation of the studio space, what we do to support music and the community, and expressing their disbelief at the council withdrawing funding for Dubrek‘s transition to a new site, despite two other operations receiving financial support.

With a little luck, One Zero Presents will carry on putting on live music, we’ll know more in which guise and genres this will take is once we’re all settled into the next version of Dubrek Studios.

In the meantime, keep an eye out on the Dubrek facebook page, as there’s a ton of events from now until the end of December (two more that we’ve a hand in to also be announced for 16th/17th December, too!).