As is exceptionally well documented in the news, the COVID-19 virus and the Government’s ‘advice’ is affecting many businesses and operations both large and small.

Dubrek Studios is in a unique position, being small enough to come under the radar of all but the strongest ‘anti-gathering’ advice and also diverse enough that it has multiple functions from recordings to gigs, to social gatherings to rehearsals.

Jay, Richard, Kelly and Krista have put forward the following statement on how and why Dubrek is staying open for the foreseeable.

Hi all!

All four of us here at Dubrek Studios (Jay, Richard, Kelly, Krista) have been having open discussions behind the scenes as to what our approach to COVID-19 will be. There are so many factors at play and obviously information is changing and altering daily. The most import thing from Jay from the start of these conversations was to make sure that staff safety and health was the first priority, and that is, and will remain, the case.

Dubrek is in such a unique position within the city in that it is a low capacity venue with a popular and varied turnover, as well as serving several functions from small social gatherings to rehearsals, to recordings and so forth that we’re likely to come under the radar of any restrictions short of a full lock down. We’re genuinely grateful to the support we get from the music community and hope to build on that much more this year with some exciting ideas that, for the time being, are on pause or under wraps.

We’ve collectively elected to stay open and functional for as long as is workable, or until specific instruction from Government to close operations. The current route that the Government is taking is ‘advice’ and as such we ask you to be as sensible as possible if you decide to use our premises. If you’re ill or are self-isolating from work, then Dubrek isn’t the place to be. The reciprocal is also true and as individuals we would also self-isolate and work out logistics when we come to that. The health of every person who comes through Dubrek is of paramount importance.

So, here’s what we’re doing so far;

  1. Rehearsals – You can still book in as normal. If we cannot honour a booking due to ‘unforseen circumstances’ then we will get in touch as soon as possible.
  2. Recording/Mixing – This will also be going ahead as normal, and you can get information from either Jay or Rich directly, depending who you are already in contact with.
  3. Gigs – Look to the individual promoter for advice. Rich/One Zero Presents have already announced what is happening with their immediate gigs, and the ones booked in but not yet announced. Dani/Outta Mind Presents likewise will be in contact with their bookings. The remaining events are all third party bookings, and should any of those promoters wish to discuss anything then Jay is available through the usual channels that you’ve already contacted him on.
  4. Contactless Payments – We’d like to encourage you to move across to contactless payments for the duration to avoid any physical monetary exchanges. Most of our customers use card anyway, but it’s something that would give a lot of people peace of mind and allow us to remain open longer.
  5. Hot food – We’ve paused serving unwrapped food or food that we’ve prepared on-site for the foreseeable future. Again, it’s one less thing to worry about. We still have crisps and chocolate bars in stock if you’re desperate for a nibble. :p
  6. Hot drinks – We’ll serve hot drinks and shorts in disposable cups whilst we have them in stock. Yet again, it means one less transfer risk. We still have plenty of awesome ales, beers, lager, wine and soft drinks in stock.
  7. Cleaning – We’ve upped our cleaning schedule and at the end of a shift we’re going around the entire site and cleaning every door handle, switch and fader with a disinfectant wipe.
  8. If you have any concerns whilst you’re in, do tell us. That’s what we’re there for and we will sort any issues. That’s always been the case – we want you to make the most of your time and feel confident whilst you’re on-site.

It’s interesting times ahead, and we wish you all well through it all, as well as to the fellow businesses and venues around us. Again, thank you so much for supporting Dubrek Studios, the team and the extended team/family. In retrospect we’ve grown and come a long way in a short time, and are now eager to do much more as soon as we’re able to!


x Jay x Rich x Kelly x Krista x