Stereo Skull

Cyber-Metal – Industrial – Progressive… Stereo Skull‘s aural assault is tight and unforgiving. Hints of Fear Factory, Mudvayne and Clawfinger are present taking the harsher and higher quality elements of the post-Nu-Metal era and improving upon them for this future generation.

Strong, aggressive and versatile vocals are twisted by overdrive and vocoders. Space is enriched with acid synthesizers and electronic samples. All that takes you to the musical journey you’ve never been before, thanks to their cynical and provocative lyrics.



The mighty Bloodrust have stepped in to this fated support slot! A revolving door of sorts, but we’re chuffed to have such talent within the local scene! Heavy riffs, heavy vocals, stunning solos nonchalantly delivered alongside blasting beats. They’ve even deigned to bring their bassist with them this time, so it will be fantastic to see them firing on all cylinders in our live room.


Ex National

Opening will be fledgling band Ex National who also draw upon the Nu-Metal and Grunge Rock scenes, with rhythmic collectivity akin to the better parts of Korn and other acts, more will be revealed over time regarding this odd billing who will be opening proceedings on the night. A demo and social media prescence is on the way… All very exciting and most definitely not Neil Hannon-esque.

Dubrek Café and Dubrek Studios

Dubrek Studios has a relaxed outside seating area at the rear of the building, a well-stocked bar serving until 11pm that includes vegan ales, wine, beer, shorts, various teas, decent coffees, chai latté and snacks, as well as our café kitchen which serves filling, hot vegetarian, vegan and bacon food all night from 7pm, so you can grab a bite before, or during the show!